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FAQ on surveys

1) Why do surveys need to be done ?

STATEC is developing regularly diagnoses and forecasts on the economic and social situation of the Luxembourg, widely covered by the media. Surveys measure the evolution of certain economic and social behavior of individuals and businesses.

STATEC observes, among others, economic growth, unemployment, evolution of prices, economic and social inequalities. Citizens, businesses and policy makers are able to make informed decisions using data from STATEC.

The statistics are used to define policies, to support the choice of decision-makers, to enter the developments in society and to glimpse so tracks to improve. All the statistics of STATEC are based on European laws and / or regulations. STATEC statistics have no marketing purpose. The goal is to make society better.

2) Do I have to participate in the STATEC surveys ?

To achieve the most complete and quality results, it is very important that individuals and companies respond to the questions asked in the surveys. The STATEC could not produce reliable and essential data without your cooperation.

The law of July 10, 2011 stipulates that public administrations so as legal and physical persons are required to provide the requested statistical information. The refusal to provide information within the prescribed time limit or giving incorrect information is subject to fines.

3) How to identify a STATEC survey / investigator ?

STATEC surveys are carried out face-to-face, by telephone, by paper or electronic questionnaire. The STATEC uses, for some data collection, subcontractors services that are selected in accordance with public procurement procedures. Subcontractors who work regularly for STATEC are: infas, LISER, T.I.P BIEHL & PARTNER, TNS-Ilres. STATEC will send you a letter, for most surveys. This letter will inform you of the purpose of the survey and will advise you that an investigator will contact you. If you have not received a letter, you can check if the survey is carried out by STATEC:

- by looking for the name of the survey in the current surveys list(portal link)

- by checking if the investigator is having an identification card issued by STATEC or LISER

- by contacting our information office (tel: +352 247 84219; e-mail:

4) How was I chosen ?

You have been randomly selected from the National Register of Natural persons (more information on

Your name and address will be used exclusively for contact in the course of investigation. Your contact details are not included in the file containing your answers.

The majority of STATEC surveys are sample surveys carried out on a sample. Participants in these surveys are chosen at random draw to ensure a true picture of reality. When you are selected to be part of the survey sample, STATEC cannot replace you with someone else or remove you from the random draw. In this case, it would no longer be a random sample and the quality of the results would be affected.

5) I have already participated in a survey of the Statec. Why did you select me for another investigation ?

This may happen because the participants in our surveys are randomly selected. Given the small size of the country and the large number of investigations provided for by the law, the chances of being selected several times are greater in Luxembourg than in France or Germany for example.

6) How does STATEC get my phone number ?

Phone numbers are searched in the phone book. For some surveys, telephone numbers are randomly generated by computer according to the "Random Digit Dialing" technique. In this case, so-called "secret numbers” may be randomly generated. STATEC also uses cellular phone numbers when they are listed in the telephone directory or are personally communicated (in the case of a follow-up, for example).

7) What happens with my contact information and answers when the survey is completed.

After the end of the data collection, the results are treated anonymously. Your contact details are only used to contact you, your answers are separated from your contact information throughout the production chain. No individual information is disseminated by the STATEC. Only global indicators are calculated for the total population by aggregating all personal information collected at the sample level.

STATEC is required by law to ensure the confidentiality of the data it collects and processes. Its agents are criminally responsible for any disclosure of personal data. The STATEC is committed to ensuring a high level of IT security.

8) Who uses the data from the STATEC surveys ?

The data and results are used by:

- citizens

- National and European policy makers

- Organizations that work in different fields such as education, health or housing

- Academic researchers and those working for public institutions

- Students and Teachers

- Journalists

9) How can I access the results of STATEC surveys ?

On the statistical portal you will find all the information from the surveys. Often the results are presented in STATEC publications, widely used by the media. It is also possible to subscribe to our newsletter in order to be automatically informed of each new publication. We are also present on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.