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An institute serving citizens, companies and political decision-makers

STATEC (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) is an administration under the authority of the Ministry of Economics. Nevertheless, it is scientifically and professionally independent, i.e. that STATEC sets its work plan in conformity to the national and European statistical legislation, and generates and disseminates its data in complete neutrality.

Its missions are to provide public and private decision-makers, along with the citizens, a high-quality statistical information service. STATEC is committed to producing statistics, analyses and studies mirroring a detailed, reliable and objective image of the Luxembourg society.

STATEC coordinates the Luxembourg Statistical System that is organised in consonance with the principle of statistical centralisation.



STATEC is downgrading its inflation forecasts for the current year and for 2020. The triggering of the next automatic wage indexation remains however scheduled for the end of the year.
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In October 2019, prices of goods and services are not very dynamic. Several upward and downward movements offset each other. However, the annual rate of inflation falls by 0.2 percentage points, mainly because petroleum product prices are 6.1% lower than in October 2018.
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Over the first 3 quarters of 2019, the State collected an extra EUR 1.4 billion over one year, i.e. a growth of close to 12%, similar to last year. Similar to the situation in 2018, the winds were favourable for tax over the first quarters of 2019. And, like in 2018, a surge in corporate income tax inflows sent receipts to exceptional levels. More recently, however, this growth has been tailing off.
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On the occasion of the European Statistics Day, celebrated on 20th October, STATEC presents the main results of the recent Trust in Official Statistics Survey. 94% of interviewees claim having already heard about STATEC in the media or elsewhere in 2018.
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According to the recent EU Regulations, the National Statistical Institutes of the EU Member States have the obligation to provide some demographic variables of the 2021 EU Census at a 1 km² grid level. The publication of such geographically detailed information requires an appropriate data protection methodology in order to reduce the risk of disclosing information on individual statistical units. Therefore, STATEC has established a new methodology which allows the provision of statistics at a 1 km² grid level while complying with the rules of statistical data confidentiality.
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On the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on 17 October, STATEC is examining the social cohesion of the country. Poverty does not affect all social strata of Luxembourg society. The income actually available to families is central to the ability to lead a decent life. The vast majority of income comes from work, hence the importance of having a job.
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