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Charles-Henri DIMARIA

Sylvie DIONISIO (administrative assistant)



Chiara PERONI (Head of Division)




Stein Steinsson


The research team is always available to answer your enquiries by mail at
Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at (+352) 247-84352 on Monday and Tuesday (9:00-16:00) and Wednesday (9:00- 12:00).
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STATEC Research is the research division of STATEC, the National Institute of Statistical and Economic Studies of Luxembourg. The team of economists perform applied research primarily in the fields of productivity, entrepreneurship, and well-being. Their research contributes to the understanding of Luxembourg's social and economic development in a comparative perspective, to the international scientific debate, and to new perspectives for policy making.
The team participates in the international scientific community, publishes in peer-reviewed journals, and an independent scientific council, comprised of recognised international experts, evaluates their research activities annually.

Our network 

STATEC Research contributes to and benefits from several national and international partnerships. The team participates in working groups of international institutions such as the OECD, EUROSTAT, and the European Commission; hosts visiting scholars and students (masters and doctoral); and sits on the boards of national institutions and academic societies.

Research areas 


The team provides sound measures of productivity for the national economy and for Luxembourg's industries. Such measures can be used to track the dynamics of productivity in Luxembourg and to identify the country's international position. Chiara Peroni sits on the board of Luxembourg’s National Productivity Council (Conseil National de la Productivité).


STATEC Research participates in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), an international program aimed at collecting Comparative data on entrepreneurship, which is a driver of economic growth and job creation. Indeed, Cesare Riillo is a board member for the GEM subcommittee, Research and Innovation Advisory Sub-Committee (RIAC).

Labour market

This research examines the implications of globalization on employment in Luxembourg using trade and firm-level data.

Well-being and quality of life

STATEC Research develops new ways of assessing the social and economic development of Luxembourg, beyond traditional income-based measures of welfare. For instance, the team developed the project PIBien-être, which in turn established a multidimensional set of indicators to monitor and assess quality-of-life in Luxembourg. The team collaborates in the StudiaLUX project, through which the European Values Study (EVS) is conducted in Luxembourg. Members of the team, Francesco Sarracino and Kelsey O’Connor, are also members of the board of directors for the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies, and Francesco Sarracino sits on the World Wellbeing Panel

Dissemination of research 

Research results are disseminated through conferences, seminars, and peer-reviewed publications. Papers of the team have appeared in journals such as Economic Modelling, European Economic Review, Ecological Economics, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Kyklos, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Review of Income and Wealth, Small Business Economics, Social Indicators Research, and World Development. In addition, the team contributes to the public economic debate by organising international conferences, workshops, and seminars, and by compiling reports on issues of crucial interest to the public and policy makers.

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Research visiting

We welcome visiting researchers at our premises. Visiting researchers are expected to further develop our research areas. Please submit your short project description and CV to research.recruit(at)