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This represents a decrease of 1,442 people. The unemployment rate is 5.1% in January 2019.
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In January 2019, the national Consumer Price Index fell by 0.9% compared to the previous month. As every year in January, winter sales have influenced the monthly results.
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While petroleum product prices have supported inflation in 2018, they should contribute negatively in 2019 following the decline in oil prices since last October. Thus, the projected acceleration of inflation rests entirely on that of underlying inflation.
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Half of the trips to the mountains (47%) last one week. They cost on average 980 € per person. 20% of residents leave only for an extended weekend and spend about € 350 per person. 73% of residents go there for winter sports, others to rest. Austria is the preferred destination (28%).
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Both experts and the overall population consider infrastructure and governmental policies as the main strengths of the Luxembourg's system of entrepreneurship. In contrast, financing and resource availability such as office space and qualified human resources are perceived as the major barriers to it.
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Key figures 2018 on the Greater Region
28-01-2019 | Statnews 02/2019

At the 16th Summit of the Greater Region "Saar ‐ Lor ‐ Lux ‐ Rhineland‐Palatinate ‐ Wallonia", which will be held on 30 January 2018 in Remerschen, the statistical offices of the Greater Region publish the 12th edition of "Statistics in brief" on the cross-border area.
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External cooling
23-01-2019 | STATEC

Luxembourg GDP continued to grow in the 3rd quarter of 2018. While activity levels and confidence seem to be holding up well at national level, they are expected to suffer over the short term from the international economic and financial climate, which has sharply deteriorated since the end of 2018.
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This represents a decrease of 2,097 people. The unemployment rate is 5.0% in December 2018.
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