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This increase in the third quarter is due to job creation in information and communication services, as well as in specialised activities and support services.
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Despite the slowdown in petroleum products, the annual rate of inflation rises from 2.0% to 2.3%, following the dissipation of the basic effect in relation to nurseries. The annual rate of core inflation gains 0.5 percentage points to 1.7%. In November 2018, the national consumer price index was weak compared to the previous month, posting a monthly growth rate of -0.03%.
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Note de conjoncture 2 2018

As 2019 approaches, the economic situation remains favorable for Luxembourg. Prospects for expansion are, however, revised downwards, particularly in connection with the deterioration of the international economic environment. GDP growth in Luxembourg should thus rise to 3% per year this year and next.
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Economic growth has slowed significantly since the beginning of the year and is expected to continue in 2019 because of weaker exports.
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Répertoire des entreprises luxembourgeoises 2018

Labour costs are highest in the financial and insurance business and lowest in accommodation and food services.
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This represents a decrease of 962 people. The unemployment rate is 5.3%.
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