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Gross investment in tangible goods

Investment during the reference period in all tangible goods. Included are new and existing tangible capital goods, whether bought from third parties, acquired under a financial lease contract* (i.e. the right to use a durable good in exchange for rental payments over a predetermined and protracted term) or produced for own use (i.e. Capitalised production of tangible capital goods), having a useful life of more than one year including non-produced tangible goods such as land. The threshold for the useful life of a good that can be capitalised may be increased according to company accounting practices where these practices require a greater expected useful life than the 1 year threshold indicated above.

All investments are valued prior to (i.e. gross of) value adjustments, and before the deduction of income from disposals. Purchased goods are valued at purchase price, i.e. transport and installation charges, fees, taxes and other costs of ownership transfer are included. The value of goods acquired via financial lease corresponds to the market value of the good if it had been purchased in the year of acquisition only. This value is in principle known in the contract or can be estimated by summing-up the part of the instalments that cover the capital reimbursement. The part of instalments corresponding to the interest payments are to be excluded. Own produced tangible goods are valued at production cost. Purchases of small tools which are not capitalised are included under current expenditure.

Current maintenance costs are excluded as is the value and current expenditure on capital goods used under rental and operational lease contracts. Annual payments for assets used under financial leasing should be excluded. Investments in intangible and financial assets are excluded.

Investments are recorded when recorded as such in the business accounts in conformity with the applicable accounting framework.

ad (*): Assets acquired under a financial lease contract are only taken into account the leasing contract has been capitalised in the business accounts in conformity with the applicable accounting framework.