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Job insecurity worsened for 25% of the residents as a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis.
09-06-2020 | STATEC

The fear about the future of one’s own job concerns mainly people with secondary (45.1%) and tertiary (36.4%) education, people in the age bracket between 35 and 54, and those working from home (53.5%). The short working time imposed by the pandemic is a source of job insecurity for 1 out of 16 residents. A decrease in income and in the ability to save money, as well a deterioration of mental and physical health are among the main correlates of job insecurity.

STATEC conducted a national survey on the social and economic impact of COVID-19 in Luxembourg. Discover the results of the survey in this special series of Regards portraying life in lockdown, changes in perceptions, and in the employment and financial situation of Luxembourg’s residents. This survey, launched by STATEC, was carried out in collaboration with TNS Ilres.