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Portuguese in Luxembourg
07-06-2013 | STATEC news

On the occasion of the Portugal day, STATEC and the University of Luxembourg publish a portrait of the portuguese population living in Luxembourg, based on the results of the population census. On February 1st 2011 (Census Day), 82 363 Portuguese lived in Luxembourg, who make up 16.1% of the total population. Since 1970, the absolute number of Portuguese, as well as their share in the population increased continuously. The average age of the Portuguese is much lower than the average age of the total population (32.9 years against 38.7 years). 3 011 Portuguese living in Luxembourg are 65 years and older. This corresponds to only 3.7% of the total Portuguese population living in Luxembourg, whereas the proportion of persons aged 65 and over in the total population reached 14%. 70.0% of Portuguese living in Luxembourg were born in Portugal and 24.4% were born in Luxembourg. In absolute terms, most Portuguese (13 567) live in the City of Luxembourg. However, their relative share is the highest in Larochette (45.2% of the population of this municipality). On average, the Portuguese have a lower level of education than the total population. However, as for the total population, the level of education increased: the younger cohorts are better educated than older cohorts. Nevertheless, a gap remains. In the age group of 25 to 34 years, 50% of Portuguese people have a low level of education (primary and lower secondary), while the corresponding percentage is 20% for this age group in the total population. 53% of Portuguese living in the country in 2011 immigrated to Luxembourg between 1995 and 2011.