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Volume 113, n° 524, December 2018

Applications and Case Studies

  • YU Cheng-Han, PRADO Raquel, OMBAO Hernando, ROWE Daniel - A Bayesian Variable Selection Approach Yields Improved Detection of Brain Activation From Complex-Valued fMRI, pp. 1395-1410
  • RYBIN Denis, LEW Robert, PENCINA Michael J., FAVA Maurizio, DOROS Gheorghe - Placebo Response as a Latent Characteristic: Application to Analysis of Sequential Parallel Comparison Design Studies, pp. 1411-1430
  • PARKER Albert E., PITTS Betsey, LORENZ Lindsey, STEWART Philip S. - Polynomial Accelerated Solutions to a Large Gaussian Model for Imaging Biofilms: In Theory and Finite Precision, pp. 1431-1442
  • MAK Simon, SUNG Chih-Li, WANG Xingjian, YEH Shiang-Ting, CHANG Yu-Hung , JOSEPH V. Roshan, YANG Vigor , WU C. F. Jeff - An Efficient Surrogate Model for Emulation and Physics Extraction of Large Eddy Simulations, pp. 1443-1456
  • PAREEK Bhuvanesh, GHOSH Pulak, WILSON Hugh N., MacDONALD Emma K., BAINES Paul - Tracking the Impact of Media on Voter Choice in Real Time: A Bayesian Dynamic Joint Model, pp. 1457-1475
  • TANG Xueying, GHOSH Malay, HA Neung Soo, SEDRANSK Joseph - Modeling Random Effects Using Global–Local Shrinkage Priors in Small Area Estimation, pp. 1476-1489
  • BOLTON Alexander D., HEARD Nicholas A. - Malware Family Discovery Using Reversible Jump MCMC Sampling of Regimes, pp. 1490-1502
  • LI Gen, HUANG Jianhua Z., SHEN Haipeng - To Wait or Not to Wait: Two-Way Functional Hazards Model for Understanding Waiting in Call Centers, pp. 1503-1514
  • SARKAR Abhra, CHABOUT Jonathan, MACOPSON Joshua Jones, JARVIS Erich D., DUNSON David B. - Bayesian Semiparametric Mixed Effects Markov Models With Application to Vocalization Syntax, pp. 1515-1527

Theory and Methods

  • ZHAO Shiwen, ENGELHARDT Barbara E., MUKHERJEE Sayan, DUNSON David B. - Fast Moment Estimation for Generalized Latent Dirichlet Models, pp. 1528-1540
  • ZHANG Yichi, LABER Eric B., DAVIDIAN Marie, TSIATIS Anastasios A. - Interpretable Dynamic Treatment Regimes, pp. 1541-1549
  • ZHOU Ling, LIN Huazhen, LIANG Hua - Efficient Estimation of the Nonparametric Mean and Covariance Functions for Longitudinal and Sparse Functional Data, pp. 1550-1564
  • DOMBRY Clément, RIBATET Mathieu, STOEV Stilian - Probabilities of Concurrent Extremes, pp. 1565-1582
  • ZHU Yinchu, BRADIC Jelena - Linear Hypothesis Testing in Dense High-Dimensional Linear Models, pp. 1583-1600
  • SUN Xiaoxiao, DU Pang, WANG Xiao, MA Ping - Optimal Penalized Function-on-Function Regression Under a Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Framework, pp. 1601-1611
  • DAWSON Matthew, MÜLLER Hans-Georg - Dynamic Modeling of Conditional Quantile Trajectories, With Application to Longitudinal Snippet Data, pp. 1612-1624
  • FAN Minjie, PAUL Debashis, LEE Thomas C. M., MATSUO Tomoko - Modeling Tangential Vector Fields on a Sphere, pp. 1625-1636
  • LI Bing, SOLEA Eftychia - A Nonparametric Graphical Model for Functional Data With Application to Brain Networks Based on fMRI, pp. 1637-1655
  • CHIB Siddhartha, SHIN Minchul, SIMONI Anna - Bayesian Estimation and Comparison of Moment Condition Models, pp. 1656-1668
  • THOMAS Zachary M., MacEACHERN Steven N., PERUGGIA Mario - Reconciling Curvature and Importance Sampling Based Procedures for Summarizing Case Influence in Bayesian Models, pp. 1669-1683
  • ROCKOVA Veronika - Particle EM for Variable Selection, pp. 1684-1697
  • SHI Chengchun, LU Wenbin, SONG Rui - A Massive Data Framework for M-Estimators with Cubic-Rate, pp. 1698-1709
  • CRAWFORD Lorin, WOOD Kris C., ZHOU Xiang, MUKHERJEE Sayan - Bayesian Approximate Kernel Regression With Variable Selection, pp. 1710-1721
  • HARNAU Jonas, NIELSEN Bent - Over-Dispersed Age-Period-Cohort Models, pp. 1722-1732
  • ZOH Roger S., SARKAR Abhra, CARROLL Raymond J., MALLICK Bani K. - A Powerful Bayesian Test for Equality of Means in High Dimensions, pp. 1733-1741
  • ROSSELL David, RUBIO Francisco J. - Tractable Bayesian Variable Selection: Beyond Normality, pp. 1742-1758
  • HUI Francis K. C., MÜLLER Samuel, WELSH A. H. - Sparse Pairwise Likelihood Estimation for Multivariate Longitudinal Mixed Models, pp. 1759-1769
  • HELLER Ruth, CHATTERJEE Nilanjan, KRIEGER Abba, SHI Jianxin - Post-Selection Inference Following Aggregate Level Hypothesis Testing in Large-Scale Genomic Data, pp. 1770-1783
  • BUGNI Federico A., CANAY Ivan A., SHAIKH Azeem M. - Inference Under Covariate-Adaptive Randomization, pp. 1784-1796
  • YE Chenglong, YANG Yi, YANG Yuhong - Sparsity Oriented Importance Learning for High-Dimensional Linear Regression, pp. 1797-1812
  • MA]INASSARA Yacouba Boubacar, SAUSSEREAU Bruno - Diagnostic Checking in Multivariate ARMA Models With Dependent Errors Using Normalized Residual Autocorrelations, pp. 1813-1827

Book Review

  • LI Yingbo, CLYDE Merlise A. - Mixtures of g-Priors in Generalized Linear Models, pp. 1828-1845

(résumés du n° 524)

Volume 113, n° 523, September 2018

Applications and Case Studies

  • LIANG Faming, LI Qizhai, ZHOU Lei - Bayesian Neural Networks for Selection of Drug Sensitive Genes, pp. 955-972
  • KEICH Uri, NOBLE William Stafford - Controlling the FDR in Imperfect Matches to an Incomplete Database, pp. 973-982
  • SANTACATTERINA Michele, BOTTAI Matteo - Optimal Probability Weights for Inference With Constrained Precisio, pp. 983-991
  • KIM Sungduk, ALBERT Paul S. - Latent Variable Poisson Models for Assessing the Regularity of Circadian Patterns over Tim, pp. 992-1002
  • BACKENROTH Daniel, GOLDSMITH Jeff, HARRAN Michelle D., CORTES Juan C., KRAKAUER John W., KITAGO Tomoko - Modeling Motor Learning Using Heteroscedastic Functional Principal Components Analysis, pp. 1003-1015
  • LIU Suyu, GUO Beibei, YUAN Ying - A Bayesian Phase I/II Trial Design for Immunotherapy, pp. 1016-1027
  • PHILTRON Daisy, LYU Yafei, LI Qunhua, GHOSH Debashis - Maximum Rank Reproducibility: A Nonparametric Approach to Assessing Reproducibility in Replicate Experiments, pp. 1028-1039
  • GLYNN Adam N., KASHIN Konstantin - Front-Door Versus Back-Door Adjustment With Unmeasured Confounding: Bias Formulas for Front-Door and Hybrid Adjustments With Application to a Job Training Program, pp. 1040-1049
  • CARVALHO Carlos M., LOPES Hedibert F., McCULLOCH Robert E. - On the Long-Run Volatility of Stocks, pp. 1050-1069
  • ZHAO Qingyuan, SMALL Dylan S., ROSENBAUM Paul R. - Cross-Screening in Observational Studies That Test Many Hypothese, pp. 1070-1084

Theory and Methods

  • HAHN P. Richard, MARTIN Ryan, WALKER Stephen G. - On Recursive Bayesian Predictive Distributions, pp. 1085-1093
  • LEI Jing, D'SELL Max, RINALDO Alessandro, TIBSHIRANI Ryan J., WASSERMAN Larry - Distribution-Free Predictive Inference for Regression, pp. 1094-1111
  • BORUVKA Audrey, ALMIRALL Daniel, WITKIEWITZ Katie, MURPHY Susan A. - Assessing Time-Varying Causal Effect Moderation in Mobile Health, pp. 1112-1121
  • ERTEFAIE Ashkan, SMALL Dylan S., ROSENBAUM Paul R. - Quantitative Evaluation of the Trade-Off of Strengthened Instruments and Sample Size in Observational Studies, pp. 1122-1134
  • WANG Chao, CHAN Kung-Sik - Quasi-Likelihood Estimation of a Censored Autoregressive Model With Exogenous Variables, pp. 1135-1145
  • CHEN Hao, CHEN Xu, SU Yi - A Weighted Edge-Count Two-Sample Test for Multivariate and Object Data, pp. 1146-1155
  • TANSEY Wesley, KOYEJO Oluwasanmi, POLDRACK Russell A., SCOTT James G. - False Discovery Rate Smoothing, pp. 1156-1171
  • BASU Pallavi, CAI T. Tony, DAS Kiranmoy, SUN Wenguang - Weighted False Discovery Rate Control in Large-Scale Multiple Testing, pp. 1172-1183
  • LEE Sokbae, LIAO Yuan, SEO Myung Hwan, SHIN Youngki - Oracle Estimation of a Change Point in High-Dimensional Quantile Regression, pp. 1184-1194
  • CLAIRON Quentin, BRUNEL Nicolas J.-B. - Optimal Control and Additive Perturbations Help in Estimating Ill-Posed and Uncertain Dynamical Systems, pp. 1195-1209
  • BERRENDERO José R., CUEVAS Antonio, TORRECILLA José L. - On the Use of Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces in Functional Classification, pp. 1210-1218
  • LABER Eric B., STAICU Ana-Maria - Functional Feature Construction for Individualized Treatment Regime, pp. 1219-1227
  • WAGNER Stefan, ATHEY Susan - Estimation and Inference of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects using Random Forests, pp. 1228-1242
  • WANG Lan, ZHOU Yu, SONG Rui, SHERWOOd Ben - Quantile-Optimal Treatment Regimes, pp. 1243-1254
  • MURRAY Thomas A., YUAN Ying, THALL Peter F. - A Bayesian Machine Learning Approach for Optimizing Dynamic Treatment Regimes, pp. 1255-1267
  • FAN Jianqing, KIM Donggyu - Robust High-Dimensional Volatility Matrix Estimation for High-Frequency Factor Model, pp. 1268-1283
  • XU Gongjun, SHANG Zhuoran - Identifying Latent Structures in Restricted Latent Class Models, pp. 1284-1295
  • MUELLER Jonas, JAAKKOLA Tommi, GIFFORD David - Modeling Persistent Trends in Distributions, pp. 1296-1310
  • CRANE Harry, DEMPSEY Walter - Edge Exchangeable Models for Interaction Networks, pp. 1311-1326
  • SOMMERFELD Max, SAIN Stephan, SCHWARTZMAN Armin - Confidence Regions for Spatial Excursion Sets From Repeated Random Field Observations, With an Application to Climate, pp. 1327-1340
  • TRAPANI Lorenzo - A Randomized Sequential Procedure to Determine the Number of Factors, pp. 1341-1349
  • CATTANEO Matias D., JANSSON Michael, NEWEY Whitney K. - Inference in Linear Regression Models with Many Covariates and Heteroscedasticity, pp. 1350-1351
  • ZHOU Quan, GUAN Yongtao - On the Null Distribution of Bayes Factors in Linear Regression, pp. 1362-1371


  • PARK Jaewoo, HARAN Murali - Bayesian Inference in the Presence of Intractable Normalizing Functions, pp. 1372-1390

(résumés du n° 523)

Volume 113, n° 522, June 2018

ASA Presidential Address

  • NUSSBAUM Barry D. - Statistics: Essential Now More Than Eve, pp. 489-493

Applications and Case Studies


  • GANONG Peter, JÄGER Simon - A Permutation Test for the Regression Kink Design, pp. 494-504
  • YAO Zhigang, ZHANG Ye, BAI Zhidong, EDDY William F. - Estimating the Number of Sources in Magnetoencephalography Using Spiked Population Eigenvalues, pp. 505-518
  • CHEN Xi, IRIE Kaoru, BANKS David, HASLINGER Robert, THOMAS Jewell, WEST Mike - Scalable Bayesian Modeling, Monitoring, and Analysis of Dynamic Network Flow Data, pp. 519-533
  • SWIHART Bruce J., FAY Michael P., MIURA Kazutoyo - Statistical Methods for Standard Membrane-Feeding Assays to Measure Transmission Blocking or Reducing Activity in Malaria, pp. 534-545
  • CHEN Kun, MISHRA Neha, SMYTH Joan, BAR Haim, SCHIFANO Elizabeth, KUO Lynn, CHEN Ming-Hui - A Tailored Multivariate Mixture Model for Detecting Proteins of Concordant Change Among Virulent Strains of Clostridium Perfringens, pp. 546-559
  • HSU Li, GORFINE Malka, ZUCKER David - On Estimation of the Hazard Function From Population-Based Case–Control Studies, pp. 560-570
  • ZHOU Haiming, HANSON Timothy - A Unified Framework for Fitting Bayesian Semiparametric Models to Arbitrarily Censored Survival Data, Including Spatially Referenced Data, pp. 571-581
  • LI Liang, WU Chih-Hsien, NING Jing, HUANG Xuelin, SHIH Ya-Chen Tina, SHEN Yu - Semiparametric Estimation of Longitudinal Medical Cost Trajectory, pp. 582-592
  • XU Yuhang, LI Yehua, NETTLETON Dan - Nested Hierarchical Functional Data Modeling and Inference for the Analysis of Functional Plant Phenotypes, pp. 593-606
  • SHIRANI-MEHR Houshmand, ROTSCHILD David, GOEL Sharad, GELMAN Andrew - Disentangling Bias and Variance in Election Polls, pp. 607-614

Theory and Methods


  • HAO Ning, FENG Yang, ZHANG Hao Helen - Model Selection for High-Dimensional Quadratic Regression via Regularization, pp. 615-625
  • LINERO Antonio R. - Bayesian Regression Trees for High-Dimensional Prediction and Variable Selection, pp. 626-636
  • ZHANG Ting, LAVITAS Liliya - Unsupervised Self-Normalized Change-Point Testing for Time Series, pp. 637-648
  • HAPP Clara, GREVEN Sonja - Multivariate Functional Principal Component Analysis for Data Observed on Different (Dimensional) Domains, pp. 649-659
  • LI Alexander Hanbo, BRADIC Jelena - Boosting in the Presence of Outliers: Adaptive Classification With Nonconvex Loss Functions, pp. 660-674
  • BASSETTI Federico, CASARIN Roberto, RAVAZZOLO Francesco - Bayesian Nonparametric Calibration and Combination of Predictive Distributions, pp. 675-685
  • FATTORINI L., MARCHESELLI M., PRATELLI L. - Design-Based Maps for Finite Populations of Spatial Units, pp. 686-697
  • WEINSTEIN Asaf, MA Zhuang, BROWN Lawrence D., ZHANG Cun-Hui - Group-Linear Empirical Bayes Estimates for a Heteroscedastic Normal Mean, pp. 698-710
  • DETTE Holger, MÖLLENHOFF Kathrin, VOLGUSHEV Stanislav, BRETZ Frank - Equivalence of Regression Curves, pp. 711-729
  • ZHANG Chong, WANG Wenbo, QIAO Xingye - On Reject and Refine Options in Multicategory Classification, pp. 730-745
  • HE Kejun, LIAN Heng, MA Shujie, HUANG Jianhua Z. - Dimensionality Reduction and Variable Selection in Multivariate Varying-Coefficient Models With a Large Number of Covariates, pp. 746-754
  • CRAWFORD Forrest W., WU Jiacheng, HEIMER Robert - Hidden Population Size Estimation From Respondent-Driven Sampling: A Network Approach, pp. 755-756
  • COLONICO Sebastian, CATTANEO Matias D., FARRELL Max H. - On the Effect of Bias Estimation on Coverage Accuracy in Nonparametric Inference, pp. 767-779
  • LUEDTKE Alexander R., VAN DER LAAN Mark J. - Parametric-Rate Inference for One-Sided Differentiable Parameters, pp. 780-788
  • ARIAS-CASTRO Ery, CASTRO Rui M., TÁNCZOS Ervin, WANG Meng - Distribution-Free Detection of Structured Anomalies: Permutation and Rank-Based Scans, pp. 789-801
  • MA Li, SORIANO Jacopo - Efficient Functional ANOVA Through Wavelet-Domain Markov Groves, pp. 802-818
  • CHAN Joshua, LEON-GONZALEZ Roberto, STRACHAN Rodney W. - Invariant Inference and Efficient Computation in the Static Factor Model, pp. 819-828
  • WANG HaiYing, ZHU Rong, MA Ping - Optimal Subsampling for Large Sample Logistic Regression, pp. 829-844
  • LIU Dungang, ZHANG Heping - Residuals and Diagnostics for Ordinal Regression Models: A Surrogate Approach, pp. 845-854
  • BOUCHARD-CÔTÉ Alexandre, VOLLMER Sebastian J., DOUCET Arnaud - The Bouncy Particle Sampler: A Nonreversible Rejection-Free Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method, pp. 855-867
  • MUKERJEE Rahul, DASGUPTA Tirthankar, RUBIN Donald B. - Using Standard Tools From Finite Population Sampling to Improve Causal Inference for Complex Experiments, pp. 868-881
  • LIU Dandan, CAI Tianxi, LOK Anna, ZHENG Yingye - Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimators of Time-Dependent Accuracy Measures for Survival Outcome Under Two-Stage Sampling Designs, pp. 882-892
  • WONG Kin Yau, ZENG Donglin, LIN D. Y. - Efficient Estimation for Semiparametric Structural Equation Models With Censored Data, pp. 893-905
  • DAVIDOV Ori, JELSEMA Casey M., PEDDADA Shyamal - Testing for Inequality Constraints in Singular Models by Trimming or Winsorizing the Variance Matrix, ppé 906-918
  • CHEN Jia, LI Degui, LINTON Oliver, LU Zudi - Semiparametric Ultra-High Dimensional Model Averaging of Nonlinear Dynamic Time Series, pp. 919-932

review article

  • SWANSON Sonja A., HERNÁN Miguel A., MILLER Matthew, ROBINS James M., RICHARDSON Thomas S. - Partial Identification of the Average Treatment Effect Using Instrumental Variables: Review of Methods for Binary Instruments, Treatments, and Outcomes, pp. 933-947

(résumés du n° 522)

Volume 113, n° 521, March 2018

Applications and Case Studies

  • WANG Yuanjia, FU Haoda, ZENG Donglin - Learning Optimal Personalized Treatment Rules in Consideration of Benefit and Risk: With an Application to Treating Type 2 Diabetes Patients With Insulin Therapies, pp. 1-13
  • BRAUN Danielle, GORFINE Malka, KATKI Hormuzd A., ZIOGAS Argyrios, PARMIGIANI Giovanni - Nonparametric Adjustment for Measurement Error in Time-to-Event Data: Application to Risk Prediction Models, pp. 14-25
  • KUHA Jouni, BUTT Sarah, KATSIKATSOU Myrsini, SKINNER Chris J. - The Effect of Probing “Don’t Know” Responses on Measurement Quality and Nonresponse in Surveys, pp. 26-40
  • BASSE Guillaume, FELLER Avi - Analyzing Two-Stage Experiments in the Presence of Interference, pp. 41-55
  • GUINNESS Joseph, HAMMERLING Dorit - Compression and Conditional Emulation of Climate Model Output, pp. 56-67
  • DE YOREO Maria, KOTTAS Athanasios - Modeling for Dynamic Ordinal Regression Relationships: An Application to Estimating Maturity of Rockfish in California, pp. 68-80
  • DADANEH Siamak Zamani, QIAN Xiaoning, ZHOU Mingyuan - BNP-Seq: Bayesian Nonparametric Differential Expression Analysis of Sequencing Count Data, pp. 84-94
  • WALLACE Meredith L., BUYSSE Daniel J., GERMAIN Anne, HALL Martica H., IYENGAR Satish - Variable Selection for Skewed Model-Based Clustering: Application to the Identification of Novel Sleep Phenotypes, pp. 95-110
  • HILTON Ross P., ZHENG Yuchen, SERBAN Nicoleta - Modeling Heterogeneity in Healthcare Utilization Using Massive Medical Claims Data, pp. 111-121
  • SHI Peng, YANG Lu - Pair Copula Constructions for Insurance Experience Rating, pp. 122-133
  • WARNICK Ryan, GUINDANI Michele, ERHARDT Erik, ALLEN Elena, CALHOUN Vince, VANNUCCI Marina - A Bayesian Approach for Estimating Dynamic Functional Network Connectivity in fMRI Data, pp. 134-151

Theory and Methods


  • CRESSIE Noel - Mission CO2ntrol: A Statistical Scientist's Role in Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, pp. 152-168
  • DUCHI John C., JORDAN Michael I., WAINWRIGHT Martin J. - Minimax Optimal Procedures for Locally Private Estimation, pp. 182-201


  • LEE Chung Eun, SHAO Xiaofeng - Martingale Difference Divergence Matrix and Its Application to Dimension Reduction for Stationary Multivariate Time Series, pp. 216-229
  • ATHEY Susan, ECKLES Dean, IMBENS Guido W. - Exact p-Values for Network Interference, pp. 230-240
  • CHEN Kehui, LEI ing - Network Cross-Validation for Determining the Number of Communities in Network Data, pp. 241-251
  • HAN Fang, LIU Han - ECA: High-Dimensional Elliptical Component Analysis in Non-Gaussian Distributions, pp. 252-268
  • JIANG Jiming, RAO J. Sunil, FAN Jie, NGUYEN Thuan - Classified Mixed Model Prediction, pp. 269-279
  • REID Stephen, TAYLOR Jonathan, TIBSHIRANI & Robert - A General Framework for Estimation and Inference From Clusters of Features, pp. 280-293
  • MA Ling, SUNDARAM Rajeshwari - Analysis of Gap Times Based on Panel Count Data With Informative Observation Times and Unknown Start Time, pp. 294-305
  • DEVIJVER Emilie, GALLOPIN Mélina - Block-Diagonal Covariance Selection for High-Dimensional Gaussian Graphical Models, pp. 306-314
  • CHEN Zhao, FAN Jianqing, LI Runze - Error Variance Estimation in Ultrahigh-Dimensional Additive Models, pp. 315-327
  • XIA Yin, CAI Tianxi, CAI T. Tony - Multiple Testing of Submatrices of a Precision Matrix With Applications to Identification of Between Pathway Interactions, pp. 328-339
  • MILLER Jeffrey W., HARRISON Matthew T. - Mixture Models With a Prior on the Number of Components, pp. 340-356
  • KONG Shengchun, NAN Bin, KALBFLEISCH John D., SARAN Rajiv, HIRTH Richard - Conditional Modeling of Longitudinal Data With Terminal Event, pp. 357-368
  • SUN BaoLuo, TCHETGEN Eric J. Tchetgen - On Inverse Probability Weighting for Nonmonotone Missing at Random Data, pp. 369-379
  • LI Quefeng, CHENG Guang, FAN Jianqing, WANG Yuyan - Embracing the Blessing of Dimensionality in Factor Models, pp. 380-389
  • LI Fan, MORGAN Kari Lock, ZASLAVSKY Alan M. - Balancing Covariates via Propensity Score Weighting, pp. 390-400
  • SARKAR Abhra, PATI Debdeep, CHAKRABORTY Antik, MALLICK Bani K., CARROLL Raymond J. - Bayesian Semiparametric Multivariate Density Deconvolution, pp. 401-416
  • RANGANATH Rajesh, BLEI David M. - Correlated Random Measures, pp. 417-430
  • ROCKOVA Veronika, GEORGE Edward I. - The Spike-and-Slab LASSO, pp. 431-444
  • SHE Yiyuan, WANG Zhifeng, JIANG He - Group Regularized Estimation Under Structural Hierarchy, pp. 445-454
  • BATTISTON Marco, FAVARO Stefano, WHYE TEH Yee - Multi-Armed Bandit for Species Discovery: A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach, pp. 455-466
  • KRUPSKII Pavel, HUSER Raphaël, GENTON Marc G. - Factor Copula Models for Replicated Spatial Data, pp. 467-479

(résumés du n° 521)