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NEWS 2017: Provisions concerning the late filings and applicable from 1st January 2017

New balance sheet and profit and loss account forms 2016: Practical consequences

1. Technical questions addressed to the CBSO Helpdesk

1.1. Questions about "SPF (formerly Soparfi)" Forms

1.1.1. Who can / should use these forms ?

1.1.2. The SPF balance sheet (Formerly Soc share end) does not contain the item "Interim dividends" - in which item of the balance sheet this value should be registered ?

1.2. Questions relating to the allocation of accounts of SCA in sections of the annual accounts

1.2.1. Is there a document specifying the accounting links - so the imputations from the accounts of the SCA in different sections of the “Balance sheet” and "Profit and Loss"
forms ?

1.2.2. Specific case: into which section of the "Abridged profit and loss account" form should we classify the account 781 "Adjustment of wealth tax” from the SCA ?

1.2.3. Specific case: in what position of the form “Balance sheet” may allocate the sub-accounts under account 33 "Land and buildings held for resale" from SCA... ?

1.2.4. Publication of « Questions / Answers » (Q&A) on the Standard Chart of Accounts by the Commission of Accounting Standards (CNC).

1.3. Questions relating to validation rules

1.3.1. Does the exclusion rules in different fields in the abridged profit and loss account are valid ? 

1.3.2. An error message is blocking the validation of the abridged profit and loss account losses. What does it do ?

1.3.3. What if in some cases, the "customers" headings have a credit balance ?

1.3.4. Is there a integrity check between the SCA form and the balance sheet and/or profit and loss account forms ?

1.3.5. The "Abridged profit and loss account" form is not in line with the current legal provisions. Do I still use it ?

1.3.6. The result for the year should it be entered in the "SCA" form ?

1.4. Questions relating to the scope of the electronic filing of the accounting package

1.4.1. Are pharmacies subject to the filing of annual accounts with the RCS ?

1.4.2. Is a PFS, under control of the CSSF (filing of financial data electronically and encrypted way) is required to file financial information via eCDF ?

1.4.3. For PLC under Luxembourg law, a deposit of annual accounts but also consolidated accounts must be done. The distinction of the accounting documents was at the mention, how this will be handled via the platform eCDF ?

1.4.4. Under what circumstances should the complete forms of the balance sheet and the profit and loss account be used and when could the abridged forms be used ?

1.4.5. Some companies waive from the structures of the balance sheet and profit and loss account (Articles 34 and 46 of the Law of 19th December 2002) by invoking Article 26 of the same Law , ... ?

1.4.6. Some traders operate two separate businesses - should / can they file two sets of accounts ?

1.5. Questions concerning the use of languages

1.5.1. Does the consolidated financial statements of the mother company must be filed in the same language as that in which the statutory annual accounts of the company are established ?

1.6. Questions concerning the dates of the year

1.6.1. The period of the year begins in 2010 and ends on 31/12/2011. Should we go through the eCDF platform ?

1.7. Questions concerning the eCDF platform

For more information about the eCDF platform please contact the Centre for Information Technology of the State (CTIE)

1, rue Mercier
L-2144 Luxembourg
Tel.: (+352) 24 78 1677
Link to the platform eCDF:

1.7.1. Why principals do not appear in the drop-down list of "declarers" ?

1.7.2. Are the PDF forms to be filled on the eCDF platform available under Excel format ?

1.7.3. Does a "validated / saved" form can be modified ?

1.7.4. Is the Token “Pro” (LuxTrust certificate) admitted on the eCDF platform?

1.8 Publications by the Commission for Accounting Standards (CNC) (French version)

1.8.1. Recommendations by the CNC :

1.8.2. Questions/Answers (Q&A) by the CNC :

1.8.3. Standard Chart of Accounts :

1.8.4. Public consultation :

1.9. Other questions

1.9.1. Why do the collection forms of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts require, in addition to the figures of the current year, also the figures of the previous year ?

1.9.2. Are companies, wishing to submit for publication an annual report in a different format as those proposed by the eCDF platform, allowed to do so ?

1.9.3 What are the financial statements on which the certified auditor must perform the statutory audit and issue the audit report ?

1.9.4. The new application procedure does not seem to respect the usual order of the components of the financial statements, e.g. balance sheet, profit and loss account and notes. What’s the point ?

1.9.5. How to complete the "Reference (s)" column included in the "Balance sheet" and the "Profit and Loss account” forms ?

1.9.6. Provisions concerning the late filings and applicable from 1st January 2017