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Business and leisure tourism survey

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The survey aims to collect regular data on the tourism behaviour of the population of Luxembourg aged 15 or more and focuses on the tourism practices during the quarter preceding the survey. The questions relate to whether or not the went on a trip and distinguish between pivate and professional purposes.

The following information is collected on an annual basis:

  • the month and the duration of the trip;
  • the main country of destination and the main purpose of the trip;
  • the means of transport used;
  • the means of accommodation;
  • the total expenditures of the trip;
  • the way the trip was booked;
  • the reasons of not having made a trip for personal reasons...
The results of the survey are disseminated in STATEC publications as well as tables on the Statistics Portal.

Data collection

As from 1997 on, the survey on tourism is carried out quarterly by computer assisted telephone calls with a representative randomized sample of 1500 residents aged 15 years or more. As from 2017 onwards, STATEC is using “mixed mode” survey. A representative sample of citizens is drawn out of the national persons register. Target persons having their telephone number registered in the official telephone registry are contacted by phone. The other individuals participate by filling in an online questionnaire of the survey by using a personal “access code”. Every target person receives an invitation letter beforehand and gets the opportunity to change the survey method.

The telephone interviews are conducted by T.I.P. BIEHL & PARTNER, established in Trier, Germany on behalf and under the methodological supervision of STATEC.

Legal basis

The legal basis is the Regulation (EC) N° 692/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 July 2011 concerning European statistics on tourism and repealing Council Directive 95/57/EC.


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