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Regional statistics

Overview of regional statistics by theme:

Territory and environment


Surface area of the cantons and municipalities (Situation on 1st January)

Municipalities by size class of the area (Situation on 1st January)

Evolution of the number of municipalities

Classification of Local Administration Units (LAU), typology at European level


Sewage treatment plant by canton and municipality 2002 – 2013

Domestic and industrial waste by canton and municipality (in kg) 2005 – 2013

Forest areas by canton and municipality 1995 – 2010

Population and employment

Population structure

Most populated municipalities (x 1 000)

Population by canton and municipality

Population density by canton and municipality (Inhabitants per km²)

The degree of urbanisation classification on 1st January

Map of the degree of urbanisation of the municipalities on 1st January

Map of the population density by municipality

Population movement

Migration movement of the population by canton and municipality

Natural movement of the population by canton and municipality

Labour market

Employment and unemployment by canton and municipality

Social conditions

Road injury accidents

Road injury accidents by canton and municipality


Schools and classes of the fundamental education by municipality



Agricultural and wine-growing holdings by canton and municipalty 2012

Agricultural and wine-growing holding by canton and municipality 2001 and 2003

Number of livestock by canton and municipality 1901 – 2006


Accomodation establishments by canton and municipality on 1st January

Map of Tourist regions