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ESAC presentations 2021

ESAC workshop, 20th October 2021 at STATEC:
Non-traditional (big) data sources and data science for official statistics
New methods, challenges for data quality, data governance and participation models

At the occasion of the European Statistics Day, ESAC held a virtual workshop co-organised by Eurostat, the European Central Bank and STATEC.

The workshop aimed at spotlighting the topic of digital transformation and official statistics in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe. It explored opportunities, challenges and issues when using new data sources for official statistics, including crowd-sourced, remotely sensed and big data. Data and statistics form an important part of the EU’s digital transformation and are necessary for informed policy making and fight against disinformation. On the other hand, use of these data requires strong safeguards to protect personal and business data.



Adalbert Wilhelm - Is there a role for statistics in artificial intelligence
Chiara Osbat - Is there a role for statistics in artificial intelligence
Diego Kuonen - How to Manage Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Decision Making as a Process of Continuous Improvement in the Context of Official Statistics
Dominik Rozkrut - Access to privately-held data and other principles for non-traditional data sources
Sarah Friedrich et al. - Sarah Friedrich et al. - Is there a role for statistics in artificial intelligence: Advances in Data Analysis and Classification: Advances in Data Analysis and Classification
Sophia Ananiadou - Natural language processing for search and discovery
Steve MacFeely - You say you want a data revolution
Vicenzo Spezia - Is there a role for statistics in artificial intelligence
Jacek Stankiewicz - Can citizen science complement official data sources - Case study of Luxembourg surface water quality