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Research in official statistics (ROS)


Volume 5 - Number 2, 2002

  • PIELA Pasi - Introduction to tree-structured self-organising map modelling for imputation techniques and technology, pp. 5-18
  • BIFFIGNANDI Silvia, PRATESI Monica - Internet surveys: the role of time in Italian firms' response behaviour, pp. 19-34
  • CARLSON Michael, SALABASIS Mickael - A data-swapping technique using ranks - A method for disclosure control, pp. 35-64
  • FIENBERT Stephen E. - Comment on a paper by M. Carlson and M. Salabasis: 'A data-swapping technique using ranks - A method for disclosure control', pp. 65-70


  • SPINAKIS Antoine - The user requirements process for developing a site for providing distance training in official statistics: the case of the VL-C@ts project, pp. 71-82
  • SCHREYER Paul - Aggregating economic data across the euro area and other regions, pp. 83-96

Volume 5 - Number 1, 2002

  • SCOTNEY Bryan, DUNNE John, McCLEAN Sally - Statistical database modelling and compatibility for processing and publication in a distributed environment, pp. 5-18
  • MALERBA Donato, ESPOSITO Floriana, LISI A. Francesca, APPICE Annalisa - Mining spatial association rules in census data, pp. 19-44
  • SINDONI Giuseppe , De FRANCISCI Stefano, PAOLUCCI Mario, TINININI - Experiences in developing a spatio-temporal information system , pp 45-60


  • LYNN Peter, BEERTEN Roeland, LAIHO Johanna and MARTIN Jean - Towards standardisation of survey outcome categories and response rate calculations, pp. 61-84
  • BRAKEL Den Van A. Jan - Effects of interviewer's workload on the Dutch Labour Force Survey, pp.85-104
  • HELDAL Johan, BJOMSTAD Jan, HUSTOFT Anne Gro, ROLL-HANSEN Dag, PHAM Q. Dinh, ZHANG Li-Chun - Statistical research at Statistics Norway, p. 105


Volume 4 - Number 2, 2001

  • MACCHIA Stefania, D'ORAZIO Marcello - A system to monitor the quality of automated coding of textual answers to open questions, pp.7-22
  • MURPHY Elizabeth, MARQUIS Kent, NICHOLS Elizabeth, KENNEDY Kristina, MINGAY David - Refining electronic data-collection instruments and data-dissemination tools through usability testing, pp. 23-34
  • KARGE Reinhard, RAUCH Lars - Central metadata system (CMS) in the statistical production and publication environment, pp. 35-52
  •  DE WAAL Ton - WAID 4.1: a computer program for imputation of missing values, pp. 53-72


  • PAGLIUCA Daniela, SERI Giovanni - Dissemination of business data: MASQ - a software program for single-axis microaggregation of quantitative variables, pp. 73 - 82
  • CAMPORESE Rina, GAZZELLONI Saverio, PIERGENTILI Paolo - Process quality control to prevent non-sampling errors in the Italian multipurpose system of social surveys, pp. 83-92
  •  REEH Klaus - Official macroeconomic statistics in the European Union: an interesting topic for political economists, pp. 93-104

Volume 4 - Number 1, 2001

  • TROTTINI Mario - A decision-theoretic approach to data disclosure problems, pp. 7-22
  • FIENBERG Stephen, MAKOV Udi E. - Uniqueness, urn models and disclosure risk, pp. 23-40
  • BELLAZZI Riccardo, MAGNI Paolo - Structural analysis of the abortion time series reported in the ISTAT summaries, pp. 41-52
  • SEBASTIANI Paola, RAMONI Marco - On the use of Bayesian networks to analyse survey data, pp. 53-66
  • DANIELS Michael J., CARRIQUIRY Alicia L. - Computing the posterior distribution of individual-level usual intakes with application to disease models, pp. 67-80
  • KANDALA Ngianga B., LANG Stefan, KLASEN Stephan, FAHRMEIR Ludwig - Semi-parametric analysis of the socio-demographic and spatial determinants of undernutrition in two African countries, pp. 81-100
  • LEE Jaeyong, HOLLOMAN Christopher, KARR Alan F., SANIL Ashish P.- Analysis of aggregated data in survey sampling with application to fertiliser/pesticide usage survey, pp. 101-116
  • KOKOLAKIS George, NANOPOULOS Photis - Bayesian multivariate micro-aggregation under the Hellinger's distance criterion, pp. 117-126
  • LI Kai, POIRIER Dale J. - Using the national longitudinal survey of youth in the United States to study the birth process: A Bayesian approach, pp. 127-150
  • PRESS S. James, MARQUIS Kent H. - Bayesian Estimation in a Census Bureau survey of income recall using respondent-generated intervals, pp. 151-168
  • SEBASTIANI Paola, RAMONI Marco - Common trends in european school populations, pp. 169-183
  • FORTINI Marco, LISEO Brunero, NUCCITELLI Alessandra, SCANU Mauro - On Bayesian record linkage, pp. 185-198


Volume 3 - Number 2, 2000


  • VARIFS Aristide, CORLETO Lydia, AUGER Jean-Marie, PERROTTA Domenico, ALVAREZ Marlene - Lead-lag estimation by means of the dynamic time warping technique, pp. 5-26
  • PAPAGEORGIOU Haralambos, PENTARIS Fragkiskos, VARDAKI Maria - Data and metadata transformations, pp. 27-44
  • PURSEY Stuart - Disclosure control methods in the public release of a microdata file of small businesses, pp. 45-64
  • DE BOLSTER Gerrit W., PIEBINGA jujen A.T. - Edisent, automatic filling of electronic questionnaires, pp. 65-76


  • COOMBES Mike - Geographic information systems: a challenge for statistical agencies, pp. 77-88
  • FALORSI Stefano, PAGLIUCA Daniela, SCEPI Germana - Generalised software for sampling errors - GSSE, pp. 89-108

Volume 3 - Number 1 , 2000


  • DENK Michaela, FROESCHL Karl A. - The IDARESA data mediation architecture for statistical aggregates, pp. 7-38
  • BOON Martin - Assessing the quality of Dutch CPI: a first step towards quality control, pp. 39-54
  • VAN DEN BRAKEL Jan A., RENSSEN Robbert H. - A field experiment to test effects of an incentive and a condensed questionnaire on response rates in the Netherlands Fertility and Family Survey, pp. 55-64
  • FROESCHL Karl A., GROSSMANN Wilfried - The role of metadata in using administrative sources, pp. 65-84


  • VAN DER ENDE Martin, VAN POLANEN PETEL Vincent, SMIT Hans, VAN DER VEEN Clemens, VERKAIK Arjen, VRIES Elwin - Ouliers - an outline, pp. 85-112
  • VALE Steven, VILLARS Mike - Matching records without a common identifier - The UK experience, pp. 113-118
  • GIESSING Sarah - Transferable software for automated secondary cell suppression, pp. 119-132


Volume 2 - Number 2 , 1999


  • BETHLEHEM G. Jelke et HUNDEPOOL Anco - Analysing and documenting electronic questionnaires,pp.7-32
  • WOUTER J. Keller et BETHLEHEM Jelke G. - Integrated Statistical data processing, pp.33-46
  • SALTELLI A. , PLANAS C., TARANTOLA S. et CAMPOLONGO F. - The concept of sensitivity with applications to official statistics,pp.47-78
  • REBOANI Paolo et SCAVALLI Emanuela - Setting up an information system for micro-enterprises, pp.79-98
  • GALLEGO F.J. , E. CARFAGNA et PEEDELL - The use of Corine land cover to improve area frame survey estimates in Spain,pp.99-122
  • HOY Carmen E.  et CLARK Cynthia Z.F. - The use of Corine land cover to improve area frame survey estimates in Spain,pp.123 et s.