Consumer prices

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In Luxembourg, the establishment of consumer price indices started at the beginning of the 1920s. The current national index (NCPI), which came into effect in January 1997, complies with the Community regulations concerning the harmonised consumer price index (HCPI). If differs from the latter by the mere fact that its weighting excludes the consumer spending of non-residents on Luxembourg territory, while, since the year 2000 the HCPI includes such spending.

The index is issued monthly. It is presented in the form of a chain index, the weighting of which is adjusted every year to take account of modifications in households' consumer habits. Calculated for the twelve months of a given year compared to the month of December of the previous year, it is published on base 100 in 2015 for economic analysis purposes, and on base 100 at 1st January 1948 for the purposes of the sliding wage scale.

This part brings together the essential retrospective series of the consumer price index, the detailed results of the current index (Base 100 in 2015), and also various series of absolute prices. To view the legal basis, the methodology, user guides for STATEC's monthly publications (Statnews, quick CPI indicators), please visit our Price index and inflation folder.

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