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Except for Malta, Luxembourg is the smallest of the 27 member States of the European Union. The total area of the country is 2,586 km2. Situated between Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east and France to the south, Luxembourg measures 57 km from west to east, and 82 km from north to south. From an administrative point of view, the territory is split into twelve cantons and 102 communes. The country has two natural regions. Oesling in the north, which represents about a third of the territory, is a hilly area with an average altitude of 450 m, with numerous water courses running through it. It forms part of the Ardennes massif. Gutland in the south, an undulating plain, has an average altitude of 250 m. A third of the territory is covered by forests, and half of it is used for farming and wine-growing purposes.

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