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Elections for the Chamber of Deputies are carried out directly with the citizens to appoint the 60 deputies who, in the Luxembourg unicameral system, make up the national Parliament. Their term of office is 5 years. For each of the four constituencies (Centre, South, East, North), the political groups must make up the lists of lists of candidates the number of which cannot be more than the total number of deputies to be elected in the constituency. Unlike the national Parliamentary elections, the country comprises a single electoral constituency for European elections. The number or representatives of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is set at 6. They are elected for five years.

Local elections take place automatically on the second Sunday of October which precedes the expiry of the local council term of office. Communal council members are elected for a period of 6 years from 1st January following their election. Their number varies according to the commune's population. The data available in this section provide the results of the national Parliamentary, European and local elections (votes, terms of office, composition of the government). The data comes from the Ministry of State (national Parliamentary and European elections) and from the Ministry of the Interior (local elections).

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