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SEC 2010

National accounting shows the national economy in a rigorous and consistent statistical system of characteristic dimensions. The annual accounts, with the GDP having obtained, over time, a true "superstar" status, are one of the essential pillars for assessing macro-economic performance for the majority of the industrialised countries with a market economy. But the national accounts are a lot more than just the GDP. The accounting statements provide a whole range of dimensions allowing a summary and nuanced picture of economic activity to be given, which is well beyond the information that can be provided by the growth rate by volume which is so loved by the media.

The Luxembourg national accounts are drawn up according to the standards and definitions of the European accounting system (ESA 2010), a system fully harmonised for all countries of the European Union, thus making the macro-economic dimensions comparable as far as possible.

It should be noted that due to a different update rate the data in the following tables may not be consistent with the main aggregates:

- Main aggregates & accounts by sector (update: t + 9months)
- Supply and Use Tables, Input-Output Tables (update: t + 36months)
- Government accounts (update: t + 3months)

To check the consistency of the tables with each other, please refer to the corresponding version number. (For instance: Version SEC2010_notif201710).

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