External economic relations

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The Luxembourg economy is traditionally very open. With the globalisation process, the forms of external relations have become more diverse. Even though external trade in goods is still a key vector, international transactions have developed particularly in services, income and current account transfers. All of these financial transactions are charted in the balance of current payments. In addition, the diversification of the Luxembourg economy has above all been achieved by foreign businesses. The statistics on the total amount of direct investments provide informations about this.

The external trade statistics provide information on trade in goods – by products and by countries. This information is collected both through the INTRASTAT (trade inside the EU) declaration and based on customs documents (trade outside of the EU).

The balance of payments is a statistical statement that systematically summarizes, for a specific time period, the transactions of an economy with the rest of the world. This statistic is a reference tool for the determination of the economic and monetary policy.

The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) statistics on the total FDI for Luxembourg have been issued since 1995. They provide information on equity stock, operating results and dividends.

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