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Localisation     1
Most septentrional point (Commune of Troisvierges)Item summary (a)    1
Most oriental point (Commune of Rosport)Item summary (b)    1
Most meridional point (Commune of Rumelange)Item summary (c)    1
Most occidental point (Commune of Boulaide)Item summary (d)    1
Total border length in km   356   1
Luxembourg-France border (Department of the Moselle and Department of Meurthe-et-Moselle)   73   1
Luxembourg-Germany border (The Rhineland-Palatinat and the Saar)   135   1
Luxembourg-Belgium border (Province of Luxembourg and province of Liège)   148   1
Total area of the Grand Duchy in km²   2 586   1
Area of the natural area in the North: Oesling (Eisléck)   828   1
Area of the natural area in the South: Good-country (Gutland)   1 758   1
Maximum lenghts in km     1
The biggest North-South length (from Huldange to Rumelange)   82   1
The biggest East-West length (from Rosport to Perlé)   57   1

a 50°10'58"
b 6°31'53"
c 49°26'52"
d 5°44'10"


Publication date : 31/08/2009
Periodicity: yearly
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